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Mix Hosts
Roger Corey
A native of Altoona, PA, Roger began as a child at Mercy Hospital.  He started his radio career at the tender age of 15 in Tyrone. He's spent the majority of his career in Central PA, with a brief sojourn to West Virginia and New York.  Roger began his affiliation with The Penn State Sports Network in 1984, an association that will enter its 27th year this fall.  He returned to Altoona in 1991, and joined the Radio Campus staff in 2009.  Roger is a founding member of “Your Dad’s Friends”, a local oldies band.  He enjoys music, reading and aviation.  Roger also has one grandson…so far!
Adam Erikson
Born and raised a sports fan, Adam always had a passion for radio.  Long before Internet streams, he'd listen to baseball games on giant AM stations across the country trying to follow his team. In college, at Central Penn, he discovered his talent as a morning radio guy. Shortly after graduation, Adam started working weekends at Q94 in Altoona. He then moved to weeknights and finally mornings. Chaos followed. After years with the company, he now does mid days on Mix 94.7, 9:00 Saturday Sports Talk on WRTA and his 5:15 sports commentaries on all four stations of The Radio Campus.  Adam says he's just a radio guy / sports nut who was lucky enough to get his own show.
Caleb James
Caleb has been in and out of radio for the past 30 years.  (longer if you count the imagined radio station in his bedroom as a child.)  Caleb and his wife Wendy came to town with one child and added three.  He was the very first morning show host on MIX 94.7 and he now does early afternoons on our Oldies station 1370 WKMC, and late afternoons on on MIX 94.7  You might say he's radio through and through. He's also the local sales manager for our entire group of stations.  Caleb shares the preaching responsibilities for a small group of Christians in Altoona.  You might be surprised to know that Caleb has interview Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch, Eddie Munster from The Munsters, Phyllis Diller, Andy Rooney and once angered Captain Kangeroo over an alleged rift between the captain and Mr. Green Jeans, which turned into some very interesting radio. Caleb says, "When you pick a path in life, it's important that you love what you do...and I DO, love what I do."

Alan Kabel
Alan Kabel loves entertaining on the radio.  “Think about it.  When you meet someone you can look them in the eye but when you’re on the radio you can’t do that.  Yet in spite of this you can form some very special relationships with listeners over time.  You might be there on the air when they graduate high school or college, get their first used car or have a baby.”
What’s this show about?  Predictable Unpredictability, Home, Heart, Health, Family, Pets Relationships, Real People and what they care about.  “The show is meant to be a total music intensive escape from the pressures folks face everyday or as we call it, “Funtainment for your Head.”